Word Guess Game

My Word Guess Game is a simple version of a hangman style game. I chose World Cities! 

How to Play:


  • Press any Alpha key (A-Z, a-z) to start game. Non alpha keys are ignored. The theme of the game is 'World Cities'. The game will randomly select a world city from its internal list. It will then display a blank word using underscores to represent the letters in the word. It is possible to have a multi-word city such as Los Angeles.
  • If a correct letter is guessed, the game will reveal the letter in its correct location. If an incorrect letter is selected, then it will add the letter to a list on incorrectly guessed letters and decrements the remaining guesses count.
  • If the player guesses the correct city name before remaining guesses equal zero, then the game increments the number of wins and restarts the game by selecting a new random city name and resetting the game parameters.
  • If the user does not guess the correct city name within the allocated number of guesses, then the game resets.

Company - Personal

Year - 2018 

Type - Front and Back Ends