Crystals Collector

An interactive game for web browsers which dynamically update HTML pages with the jQuery library. 

How to Play:


  • There will be four crystals displayed as buttons on the page.
  • The player will be shown a random number at the start of the game.
  • When the player clicks on a crystal, it will add a specific amount of points to the player's total score.
    • Your game will hide this amount until the player clicks a crystal.
    • When they do click one, update the player's score counter.
  • The player wins if their total score matches the random number from the beginning of the game.
  • The player loses if their score goes above the random number.
  • The game restarts whenever the player wins or loses.
    • When the game begins again, the player should see a new random number. Also, all the crystals will have four new hidden values. Of course, the user's score (and score counter) will reset to zero.
  • The app should show the number of games the player wins and loses. To that end, do not refresh the page as a means to restart the game.

Company - Personal

Year - 2018 

Type - Front and Back Ends